Moxie Road Productions: Answers To Burning Questions!

Last year, I got a new job. I wanted to work on projects that elevated and empowered the voices of women. Projects that involved books and publishing and performing and anything else my little heart desired because I'm a woman and I wanted to empower my own voice too.

So I went and co-founded a company with Janine Kovac called Moxie Road Productions, and because we're smart ladies, we hired ourselves immediately. Janine, as some of you might recall, was my co-director of Listen To Your Mother San Francisco 2016 and 2017. We both enjoy olives, drinks with brandy, and we work really well together.  Starting your own company is hard work. You need things like mission statements, tax id numbers, a business bank account, a very special check book, and you need to be up for fun times at the County Clerks Office and to be able to enjoy the fictitious business name process.

Things got real when created a tag line and hired a pro (thanks Tina Wolfe!) to design a logo:



Moxie Road just celebrated our one-year anniversary and what a year it's been! Two Moxie Road-hosted writing retreats, the publication of Janine's memoir "Spinning," creating a quarterly reading series, teaching writing workshops, performing at Litcrawl, directing the final Listen To Your Mother San Francisco show and more. Because we do such a diverse array of things, people continue to have questions and we don't want people to be confused. Confusion is no way to operate. Here are some answers to what Moxie Road Productions is...and isn't.


MRP (as the cool kids on the block call it) is a create-produce company. We create stuff, we help YOU create stuff, and we produce stuff. Some people call us a "consulting firm." Like a slingshot of awesomeness, there are two branches to MRP:

The Programming Branch: we produce events that you can attend! Events like salons and workshops and performances! We are currently doing a Regenerative Writing Class every Wednesday at The Hivery, an award-winning women's co-working space, and a hands-on Social Media Workshop for Writers in April (spaces still available!). We also have a Mother's Day reading coming up, a Finishing School workshop in May, and so much more!

The Consulting Branch: we help you publish and market your work! We have packages that take a writer from the beginning to the end of their project, or specialized packages that include only what a writer needs, be it query letters to agents, book proposals, or social media and marketing.


* A craft brewing company

* A boutique in a Texas strip mall

* A construction company that builds roads with feminine badassery and pizazz (although, that is kind of what we do...hmmm)

In conclusion, MRP produces events. AND! We help writers get their work out into the world.

We also enjoy ice cream, collaborating with community partners and cultural centers, taking naps,  social justice, long walks on the beach, and bringing different groups of people together to talk about different things.

Have more questions about Moxie Road? Let us know!

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